What is click baiting, and how it effects your facebook algorithm

How to avoid click bait

So you read the statement on Facebook about the algorithm changing and businesses are gonna take the hit, they mention click bait terms and you are at a loss. Thanks a bunch Zuckerburg! I know, it is a scary thing. Change is never fun. But just because it is scary and not fun doesn't mean you can't handle this change and make it work for you. Today I want to introduce you to several type of click baits, and why they are deemed so.  

When Facebook started out with it's roots it was meant to be a place where people connected. It was a way to grow a community of friends and family and see what people are interested in. As time passed on and businesses grew and started to use Facebook as a tool. As people's feeds got more and more full, it feels like for those who aren't wanting to be slammed with business by business that they no longer can see those fun connections. The community aspect started to disappear. It was just about selling getting those clicks. 

Like Instagram, they want to take Facebook back to quality content. They want to make the community aspect thrive, the connections to reattach, and for people to get what they are searching for. 

But this isn't the end of your business, it is isn't the end of the world and you can still make this work for you and your business. Click bait sounds scary, but in truth it isn't as hard as you think to master. 

So let's talk about what to avoid when you are writing your captions, so that you can prevent your posts from falling victim of clickbaiting. 

Image Source Unknown

Image Source Unknown


  • Shocking / Unbelievable /  Amazing

With this you usually see that the first part of the title is a plot that is really catchy. The second half is usually something that peaks your interest. So something like: 'Her husband left her after he saw this unbelievable image'. It MAKES you want to click the link, to read on more. More often than not the really crazy or over use of adjectives is a dead giveaway of some serious clickbaiting going on. 

Image Source Unknown

Image Source Unknown

  • Mysterious stories

These make someone interested in reading the rest. Usually it displays an image that is very zoomed in so the reader will want to click on the image to see what they are looking for. So things like, click this to see it up close or click here to see what this person is wearing or can you find the mistake in this image. Well now you are manipulating me to open that image and see if i can find that mistake. But the truth might be that you are trying to sell me something and nothing is wrong with it.  

  • Using odd numbers

I know it sounds strange, but when you do things like '13 mistakes these people made'. Well duh we want to know what those idiots are up to, but then you click. Chances are about half if not more of those things aren't really mistakes and you feel like you wasted your time clicking. Now, using numbers isn't bad, you just need to make sure those posts are worded right.

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Image Source

  • Tricks

These are things like 'These three tricks made her lose weight like crazy'. You click and there is no tricks there, it is a sales gimmick. We have all done it, come on. You click on that article and they say something like: Drink 64oz of water a day, sleep 8+ hours and watch your portion control. Well duh, I have been hearing this since I was 8 in health class. I wanted a quicker fix, and you disappointed. No one wants to be tricked into reading nothing. 

  • Fear inducing

These are normally triggered towards a very specific group. So 'How you know your man is cheating on you'. Well of course you have me thinking that he might be cheating and I just have to know the signs that he is. Even if I didn't have a thought in my mind that he might be, I want to know what to look for right? You are playing with their emotions and triggering them to click and come over. Chances are the signs are dumb like: he changes his number. Well ok... but that doesn't mean he is.

  • Secrets

When you something like ' 15 truths of being married, I totally agree with #13.' Well now I have to know what the truths are cause I have that feeling of being left out. I mean what is I totally agree with #13 too?!? Is there some secret to being married that I don't know? You manipulated your audience into clicking to find out things they probably already knew, aren't shocked to know and most likely don't agree. Time sucker for those readers. Eww.

Image Source:  Here

Image Source: Here

  • Force

This is a big one! Drawings, contests and often giveaways use click bait like MAD. You show up to a post, or click on an ad and you get a page that states to be entered you have to Like, Comment and Share. Maybe they even ask you to tag a friend, cause well that would help them gain even more views and traction right? Well you aren't rewarding me with anything worthwhile, but you are forcing my hand if I want to participate. Think of the quality of people you are getting too. Are they going to be ones you want to have stick around? Or are they clicking just to win something?

The truth about click baiting is you are manipulating your audience to click on that link, go to that page, or check out that photo and then you are only half way delivering, if at all. No one likes being duped, and with a business you don't want that impression. Time is precious, even to those of us who spend hours on social media (yes.. I am guilty!), they hate having their time wasted. They won't want to come to you for legit information in the future, even if you do have it all laid out in that next great article or post. All it takes is one burn for it to leave a sour taste in their mouth. When you do it right, your title should stick out from the crowd and be that piece of amazingness I have been dying to see. And don't you worry friend, I am gonna show you how. Stay tuned for part 2!


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