How I Doubled My Instagram Engagement

Double Social Media Engagement

I don't know about you but I used to HATE Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. They were just a place for people to rant about their lives, or brag about them and how wonderful they were at life. I'm over here in the corner like.. uh I didn't take a shower today.. sooo. I posted, don't get me wrong. I mean people wanted to know what was happening in my life, and I had family spread across the states that this was their way to know what was happening in my life.

That all changed.

I was at a job that I didn't mind, but I didn't love either. I was working towards someone else's goals and I just couldn't get things right - or at least it felt that way. I was in a dead end spot, I had been shifted around a bunch and was just feeling like my life was in the crapper. I mean really how great can it get when you have been demoted? So after my small pity party, I decided it was time to change all of that. I wanted to do something for me, something I was good at, and something I could make a living at and be passionate about.

I was good at a few things: Dance parties, being a avid sweatpant wearer, photography and working social media. All my jobs in the past I have either been asked to run it, or been involved with it at some point. So I started there. 

Fast forward and I have learned quickly how to make social media work for me. I get 95% of my clients through social media. 95%. Guys that is HUGE. Why? Cause everyone lives on their phones. Think about when you don't have your phone within reach? Maybe while getting an X-Ray or giving birth.. but otherwise you are on it. You are checking Instagram, Facebook, Email, and the Internet. It is in your face. So why not use that towards my advantage? Why can't you use it towards yours? 

Double Your Engagement Social Media

So I changed my outlook on Social Media. Yes people still post their rants, they still post 50 billion photos of their cats, and they still announce crazy stupid stuff on there. But they are there. I have ACTIVE eyes. So I started to change my media, it evolved into a tool I could use to gain what I wanted. I wanted clients. I wanted to change the world and how it looks at people. I wanted people to feel confident enough to stand up and tell the world who they were. I wanted to share their story. And so it began. I will admit it wasn't an overnight success by any means. I spent many of nights working until 4-5am after putting a 8 hour work day the day before to try and accomplish my dream. To build what I could.

Now I want to share it with you. That is right, you. I see you over there not believing that I am speaking truth. I probably sound like some crazy infomercial right now professing I can make you loose 200 pounds in 20 minutes. But I am not kidding. You can change you social media, you can gain your clients, you can change your life. I used these tools, they are simple and easy, and doubled my engagement in a matter of two weeks. TWO WEEKS.

It starts right here

Click that button, download that guide, roll up your sleeves and get to work. You life is about to change, and I know you can do it. Why? Cause well, I did.