Homemade Oreos

Homemade Oreos

25 mins 3 Dozen Ingredients:
1 box Devils food Cake
1 egg
1/3 c vegetable oil
Homemade Oreos

Alright, I have to come clean, I have an obsession with baking. It is a thing I love to do when I need some down time, alone time or plain just stuff my face time. That's normal right? No.. just me? Well that's fine then.

One thing I love to make is cookies. Why? Well who doesn't love portable sugar and cookies have SOOOOOOO many varieties. So find myself often trying out and experimenting with all different sorts of cookies. I mean there really isn't anything you can't put in a cookie that won't taste good, except maybe fish.. but who would do that? Cookie runiers, thats who. 

Sorry.. back on track! So a while back I was gifted some home made whoopie pies. I mean can we say mouth orgasm?!?! I was in heaven, I loved them. So much so I hid them under my pillow from my husband, because well he doesn't make the bed or look under the pillows ever. So I knew I was save. So it was me and my pillows secret. After I discovered I was on my last cookie, while choking back tears, I decided I had to learn and master the secret to this delightful goodness.

Now I should preface this by saying why yes this is home made.. it is semi-home made. I cheat. I use boxed mixes cause well it works. So pals, I give you my homemade oreo (mouth orgasm) cookies.


1 box of devils food cake mix 

1 egg

1/3 cup of vegetable oil


1/2 cup of butter (1 stick)

3/4 cup of powdered sugar

dash of almond extract

- Melt the butter. Add the sugar and the extract. Whip. If the frosting is crumbly add milk to help it stick. If it is too thin, add sugar until it reaches a whipped look.

Kitchenaid Mixer


Preheat your oven to 350. You always want your oven to cycle at least once before adding cookies to the bunch, otherwise the heat is uneven. Start by dumping your box mix in a bowl or mixer. Add your egg and oil and mix until mixed. It is going to be slightly sticky / gooey. Just be warned. Get your handy dandy cookie scoop, I love this one , and scoop up your cookies. Now taking one of your 'balls' break it in half and roll it into a smaller ball. So you will need 6 scoops per tray. Line your tray, I use these, with 12 cookie balls. Bake for 10 minutes. Once out, transfer to a cooling rack as soon as possible. This helps them stay soft. 

Homemade Oreos

Once they have had time to cool, match them up to a pair in a similar size. Doesn't always end up the half you broke it from. Then ice the middles and squish them together. And then snarf. And maybe stash, pillows are good hiding spots just FYI.

Did you try them out?! I want to hear about it, and see! Leave me a comment or a picture so I can salivate over yours in between my making of these.