How to attract customers, while beating Facebook's Algorithm

how to beat the facebook algorithm

It happened, the facebook algorithm changed again. Last time we chatted, I know it isn’t chatting but I am counting it as that, we talked all about what to avoid on facebook in regards to click baits (click here to catch up). So I didn’t want to leave you hanging there by a string on how the heck you are supposed to grow your business without using some kind of hook. I mean we all need one right? So let’s figure out how you can sell and not get stopped by the Zuck.

Here is the thing, as a follower / reader, when you click on a post or an article you want to really get what you came for. If you promised me a list on how to do something amazing, then that is what I am expecting. When someone writes a post but doesn’t fulfill on the promise, it ruins the experience for your reader. I mean who wants to click on something be so dang excited only to have it ripped away. It is like going to Disneyland, waiting in line for this killer rollercoaster they told you all about in commercials only to find out it a train ride around the park. Total let down right? So our job as business owners and writers is to keep up the hype by creating content. It needs to be HIGH QUALITY and worth the read. So let’s talk about ones that do work!


how to

This one is a favorite on Pinterest. Why? Cause everyone goes there to learn how to do something they are convinced they can do. Hello, yes I can bake a 3 tiered unicorn cake... back off. We are in an age where everyone wants to be a DIY, or at least think they are. Your job. Is to show them exactly what it takes to do that. Lay out the steps, don’t cheat them out of steps or details. This is a more you share the more they will return type of deal. Yeah you might be the master at it, but there is only one you and someone else is gonna have to learn sometime. So impart your knowledge. Do you know how to paint glass? Or maybe you know how to do basketweaving. Share it! Tell them how. When you do your title, make sure you are exact in what you are sharing. So if you are gonna teach me how to basket weave, that is what I better learn about not how to hold my breath for 30 seconds at the bottom of the pool. Catch my drift?


the reason facebook

This gives your readers a way to connect with you on a whole new level. I mean I don’t know about you, but I will full on admit I am a nosey nelly. I LOVE to know peoples secrets and what is happening in their lives. I especially love it when I can read about how a successful person became that way — I’ll give you a hint. HARD FREAKING WORK. Every wants someone to relate to, so be that person. Share you story and give them an emotional connection to you and possibly your business.  

step by step


Just like it sounds, give them the steps to be successful at the task at hand. The clearer the better. So if you want to give them a step to try and then a tip that worked for you, that would just be GRAVY for your reader. Make sure and be direct. I mean if I come to your site looking for how the heck I am supposed to style an outfit for a ball, then I better not read about how you made your bedazzled sneakers — even though that sounds RAD. Again this is amazing for those DIY people in your following, they love to think they can be as amazing as you. I mean but let’s face it you are pretty darn stupendous! 

What is

This one is one I like to write a lot for my following. This is where you break down a more complicated idea or project into a simple and easy to understand article. This helps those that have a little inkling of what you are talking about understand you on a whole new level. Who knows, maybe they are a student and are wanting to learn all about the craft and you are just the go to person cause you make it easy. Define it, share it and explain it in the simplest of terms so your reader isn’t left asking ‘what the hell did I just read? I think I know how to tie my shoes now.... maybe?’ We don’t want any maybes.  

The truth


There is nothing better than straight up truth. People don’t like to have the wool over their eyes, shielded from whatever horror you are trying to save them from. They clicked on your site because you were going to give it to them straight, not sugarcoated and how it really is. Are their going to be times that your news is going to be disappointing, YUP. Are their times when you are going to have amazing truths and people are going to be happy, you betcha. But if you can establish that trust from the start, they will come back again, again and you guessed it again. So tell it how it is, but make sure your facts are straight, and you will be a highly respected person for it.


The tricky part about getting people to read your material is to not trick them into clicking on your page, reading your article and leaving disappointed. Lots of places are doing that these days and it is... well sad. I don’t know about you, but when I go out to find information to learn more, I want all the information I can get and I want it right. So don’t lie to your readers, don’t give them half truths, and don’t lie. You will lose not only respect, but followings quickly! But I am not worried, you are here which means you want to know more about how to make it work for you and gain those followers you always imagined. So go and do it my friends, change the world one post at a time.