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Let’s chat #hashtags today for a bit. Before I started doing social media stuff full time, I thought they were just some joke. I would create my own really long ones #wealldiditcomeonyouknowit. But as things changed I realized something really quick — Hashtags are searchable. That means if I strategically used my tags, that I could gain not only likes and comments but also followers. SCORE! So of course I ran to my trusty ole’ google and started searching hashtags that would give me a bang for my buck. Did they work? Well yeah... sort of. I did see an uptick in followers, and I was getting more likes (hello double digits) but I wasn’t gaining people I wanted to stick around. I mean what good is all this work if you don’t really gain anything from it?

Online Clients


So I hit the books, Pinterest, google and blogs. I had to find the answer hidden under some Little Rock somewhere right? After all this searching I couldn’t find anything that applied. Just more and more lists of hashtags. Well, don’t get me wrong, it is always nice to have more in your pocket. I can never have enough. But if the last set didn’t help why would these? So I got to the experimenting phase. I tried new photos, videos, times of day — the works. I finally found my answer. 


Ideal Viewer.

Customers on Social Media


I was just tagging to tag, I wasn’t thinking like my customer & viewers. If I wanted a certain type of person, I needed to actively search for them. I mean there are 400 million daily users on instagram, how are they gonna find me? Just stumble across? Doubted. So it was to the drawing board. 


Now I know what you are thinking... who the hell is my ideal viewer? I don’t know how to find them. Is this girl out of her damn mind? Well normally I would probably agree with you. I mean I have always had one of those talk to yourself, introverted, bookworm kinda vibes. But guys... it FRICKING worked. So I wanted to share it with you, cause I mean what kind of a friend would I be if I didn’t take time to help you be a success too? We gotta help each other out. 


So let’s touch on the 4 spots you gotta think about.


  1. Where do they ‘live’


By this I don’t mean the back country of Arkansas. I mean what platform are they wasting all their time on. Come on... I do it too. I look at facebook and instagram and then poof an hour of my life is just gone. So where do they hang out? When you got that down, you gotta know that has to be your focus. You want your TOP NOTCH content headed that way. 


Teagan Alex

2. How old are they


No I am not ageist, and no I won’t tell you how old I am... I am old enough to have a kid, that is all you need to know. It helps you know what kind of stuff they are into. Are they young and up to snuff with all the new gadgets, platforms and lingo? Or are they not quite with that group? I mean we gotta figure that out. Cause if you are trying to talk to a 40 year old mom using slang and crazy shortened words — adorbs— they aren’t gonna have a shit what you are talking about. So tailor. 


3. What do they love


Alright I feel like this one should be a bit obvious, but for all of you out there experiencing mom brain (yup.. talking about me) I will elaborate. So if I want to talk to moms, I can’t go out and talk about race cars. I mean there are moms that love cars, but that is a SUPER small niche. So figure out what tickles their fancy, what they love to pin, what they are reading and use it. You got this! 


Find Customers Online

4. What are they searching for


Come on, we all do it... we refer to google as a verb, and use it as undeniable truths. I mean when webmd tells me it is probably cancer, I am like 85% that is a possibility. Yes my husfriend, family and doctor all think I am nuts. Damn you webmd. So when your viewer is googling, searching the book of faces or gramin’... what are they looking for. *HINT* it should be what you are offering! 


Alright so now that you have a head start — power fist in the air — let’s take it one step further. I got a FREEBIE pdf for you that helps you know where to look, how to find them and what to try. What’s that... you want more? Geez, I mean I guess since we are friends I can give you a bonus. If you head over to the shop there is a workbook that will walk you through EXACTLY what I do to make it work for me. And just in case you are wondering, yes I do get clients off of social media — it is my #1 source of clients. Yes others have tried it, and had the same exact success. So if you are serious about this ideal client stuff... you probably wanna head over and nab that. Use the code ‘IDEALIN’ for an extra 5% off. Shop for it here.You are welcome friend. 


And quit the WebMD, it does you no good. 

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