How to kickstart your Pinterest, and gain followers

Alright let me introduce you to my newest obsession, Pinterest. I didn’t realize how much I should be using it or how much I would love it. 

I mean let’s be honest, who doesn’t love Pinterest? All those amazing DIY’s we will never do, but just have to pin. All those recipes that we get to try out and fail at… I mean come on it is a killer site. 

Pinterest Checklist Teagan Alex

But let me tell you what I LOVE about Pinterest. It is one of the most underutilized platforms. It is a giant search engine and all us wonderful blogger, business, lifestyle moms need to be on there! Using a strategy to push them to a place we want we can grow our lists, our sites, our views and ultimately our customers! 

Want a checklist? You got it! 

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I hope you love the Pinterest checklist! Hopefully you fall in love with Pinterest too... If you want to learn more you need to visit my tools and look for Melyssa Griffin.

In the few months that I have been working on my Pinterest my followers on Pinterest have doubled, and I have gotten triple the hits on my site. I mean come on… it has to work! 

So I want to share some Pinterest Essentials with you that I have picked up over the last few months. 

First let me point out that even if you have a small number of followers (like me), you are still probably getting HUNDREDS or THOUSANDS of views a month. Personally I know I only have 700+ followers, but I get 35,400 views a month. 

I don’t know about you but when someone lands on my page I want them to immediately hit the follow button and join in my crazy club. Don’t you? This is why my new friend why your profile is the foundation of this whole plan. 


Teagan Alex Pinterest Profile




So now that we have a kick ass bio and amazing profile, we need to move to the next goodie… Pinterest SEO. I know I know… you are looking at me like ‘What the HELL did she just say?!’ Take a breath I will walk you through this.. 

A lot of people out there lump this platform with all the other social media platforms - Instagram, Facebook, Twitter… But here is the truth… Pinterest is a giant search engine… imagine it like a visual google. So since that is the case, we have to use SEO to help us stand out in the blurs. 

Pinterest Checklist Teagan Alex

We want your pins and your content to pop up as a top search result. They made it so that when you type in a search term, you get a relevant article. We want you to be that relevant article!! I mean when you log into pinterest you want your feed to be littered with things you love and are interested in looking at, well so do your followers and readers! 

So when I logged into Pinterest today, this is what it looked like…

Teagan Alex Pinterest Feed


These posts, yup those up there ranked higher than those at the bottom of your feed. And since they are at the top they get more repins, more attention and more click throughs. 

So let’s get to it shall we??



Alright… so what does this mean? Well quite simply you need to make sure that what you are known for translates to your boards. You want them to show up and know exactly what you are about, and know they want to follow you and your boards. So what does that mean for the boards that don’t represent your brand? 




Do they have to disappear, no. But your audience needs to not see them. That way they only see what you want them to. Do what you can to show them all facets of your business. Try and have like 15-20 boards so they have options to learn about it. And by narrowing down you gain the people you want to have in your business, your email lists, and continuing to follow what you have to say. 




I CRINGE when I see people leaving this spot blank… oh my the worst. You are missing a chance to make sure that people find you and your pins! Let me show you what I mean… check out some of my boards here. See those descriptions?

Pinterest Board Descriptions


Imagine what can happen if your board pops to the top! You get more followers, more people on your list and website visitors. Also… did you know that followers can search for boards? I don’t know about you, I want my board to be one of the top hits! 




So how do I do that? No worries I got your back. 

On every pin that you share from the website you need to write a keyword rich descriptions. 

Note that if you do it on other pins your pin that you are for sure helping your SEO, but it does take time. I know… rough. So let’s get clear… adding info to your pins is CRUCIAL but not necessary for those you are repinning. So look 5-10 long tail keywords. 

What is a long tail keyword?? It is a keyword that is 2-3 words long. Think of it like this… if you use keywords like ‘fashion’ or ‘recipe’ you are competing against about a million other people in the pin pool. So take it one step further. Think about what your audience would search for. Are they looking for ‘Fashion’ or are they looking for ‘Spring Fashion’ or maybe not just a ‘Recipe’ but a ‘ Easy Crockpot Recipe’ 

Pinterest Checklist Teagan Alex


Not sure what to add or to use as a keyword, lucky for you Pinterest gives it to you! Let me show you… so you do a search on Pinterest for something… see those terms underneath? Those are popular things that people are searching for. So add them to your keywords. 

Pinterest Keywords


Now we are just skimming the tip of the iceberg with all this Pinterest goodness. I know, I know… I tease. But here is the thing, I had an amazing course that I went through and learned sooooo much about how to grow and spread my amazingness around the interwebs. And I want to share it with you!! 

It is by Melyssa Griffin, and it AMAZING. Click here to learn more about it. I promise it is worth every penny!

Are you interested how I get all my pins posted… well then you need to check out my tools here.



Teagan is a entrepreneur, business owner, mother and photographer. She finally took the leap into business ownership a few years ago and haven't looked back. She is a mom to one crazy toddler who keeps her going all day long, and a fur baby frenchie who she loves. If she isn't watching the kidlet or working into the wee hours of the night, you will find her reading or traveling the globe.