Spread Kindness

Pay it Forward

I had the most amazing experience a few days ago. I knew that I had to do what I could to continue the love and spread kindness. 

I was at a gas station getting my Dr Pepper fix, I know I know... I am an addict. And before we get too far, I need to let you know that fountain drinks are like a million and a half times better than just a can or a bottle. Phew, now that we got that out of the way let's continue. So I filled up my cup with fresh bubbly Dr Pepper and headed up to the cashier. After waiting in line for a few, it was my turn. When I got to the counter the cashier told me that my drink was paid for. I was dumbfounded for a minute... how can that be? I haven't even given you my money yet - was all I could think. After I came to, I realized she was handing me a card.

The gentleman in front of me had paid for my drink and gave me a card asking me to pay it forward. I was not only shocked, but felt so grateful and happy. It is amazing to not only have someone be kind to me, but I felt the overwhelming need to do it for someone else as well. 

So I am challenging you to pay it forward, go help someone else out. It doesn't have to be large, or expensive, but do something to make someones day. Pay for a drink, get someone flowers or leave them a kind note. I created you cards, so download them and get out there and spreading the kindness.

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