How I TRIPLED My Instagram Followers

Oh hey pal. I am so glad to see you here! I am not even kidding I jumped up and down and did a dance (which is probably not what you wanted to know). But alas I really am glad you are here. This week I am sharing how I TRIPLED my followers on instagram. Yep. I kid you not, cause well when it comes to metrics I don't kid. 

Here are my actual metrics! See that jump?

Here are my actual metrics! See that jump?

When I got started in my business, I knew to have a reputation and one that others wanted to trust, I needed to have a following to back my promises. I mean who wants to work with someone who has like 200 followers and they tell you they can explode your instagram? Umm.. yeah probably not you right? I wouldn't either. 

So I jumped in with both feet and did a BUTT load of experimenting, testing, research and reading on the subject. I swear I ate, drank, and slept followers for weeks. But after months and months of trying and trying I finally landed on a way that worked.  Cue the HALLELUJAH chorus please. 

Fast forward to now. It has worked, I have TRIPLED my following. Yep you read that right, TRIPLED. And I did it in eight short weeks friends. Wanna know the best part? I want to share my secret with you! {But Teagan, I thought you would never ever do such a thing..} Well we are friends right? And friends want to see friends succeed. So lets do this! 

Click on this button and download my cheatsheet on how to gain followers like crazy. 

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