Time To Fall In LOVE with Jord

Shopping for my husband was a serious challenge, until I found Jord. My husband has a serious watch fetish. He loves to have new watches all the time. The bigger and more unique the better. So the hunt is always on. To say it is a challenge, would be an understatement. I am constantly on the lookout and keeping my ears open for a watch he might like.

Dover Jord Watch

One day while scrolling through my pinterest feed, okay more like sucked into, I happened upon these crazy unique wood watches. It was enough for me to HAVE to see what it was all about. I mean a watch, made out of wood? Come on, that is a slam dunk for sure. So after checking out their site I knew it was just a matter of time before I was going to get one. So started the sly interrogation of what colors, size, watch face etc without him knowing. Guys... so tricky. 

Let me tell you why I fell in love with Jord. I will give you 5 reasons. 

1. Their watches are crazy unique. 

For the dude who is on the constant hunt to stand out and look like the only one with that watch, this fit the bill. I mean who has a wood watch? They have a bunch of awesome options, that seriously can fit anyones personality and taste.

2. They have the bomb.com customer service

Since I was being sly, I didn't know what questions I needed to be asking. I reached out and talked to a rep who was so nice and humored all of my questions. I mean a girl has got to know what she is in the hunt for. 

3. These watches are light as a feather

Guys.. if you want a watch that literally feels like you are wearing air, while looking fashionable and stylish then you have met your mark. This watch is literally the lightest watch I have ever held. I have an aluminum one and this one beats that by far. 

Jord Wood Watch

4. It has the raddest packaging

It comes in a box, a wood box. With a drawer in the bottom for the extra links, and oil they send to help maintain that pretty look. Guys, I am a SUCKER for packaging. I mean I will go to a store and just have to have something cause the box looks nice. So this is a GREAT sell. What a way to present your product. 

5. My dude LOVES it. 

I confess, I couldn't wait for Christmas. I gave it to him early and he has been non stop wearing it. He shows it to all his pals and they are in awe of the cool watch on his wrist. So I am calling that a wife win in my book. 

Jord Watches

And since Jord is an amazing company, remember #3.. they are giving all of you readers and INSTANT $25 gift card to their site. SAY WHAT?!?! But hurry.. cause the link only works until Midnight on December 18th! 


And psssttt. They do make women's watches too.. so maybe get one for yourself. You're welcome babes.

* This post is sponsored by Jord Watches, all opinions are my own *