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We have discovered that this is one of the social media tools that most people don’t know how to use. It is an untapped resource, and one that has amazing potential. So when we get a chance to help a client harness that power, get more eyes on their site, and increase their conversions.. we are gonna do it.

Here are some of our successes.

Brittany: We were able to get her up to 10k monthly views

Deana: We were able to take her from nothing to over 11k views a month

Phoebe: We took her from a new account to 58k monthly views

Kelly: We took her from 3k monthly to 1.1m views

Melissa: We were able to teach her how to optimize her account and use tools to make it work.

Nicole: We have just started with her, so it is about to get good.

Teagan: She started with 5 viewers, and is now cresting 1.1M views.