The Instagram Blueprint


The Instagram Blueprint


Does this sound like you?

Find Instagram daunting? Like an unbreakable code? Or a foreign language? So you spend oodles of time trying to break it, and nothing. Nothing happens. You read all the articles, take all the webinars and nada.

Stare at the cursor when it is time to post and wonder what on earth to say? Then you end up posting and hating it so much that you either hurry and delete it before someone else sees it?

Wish you could gain followers? Spend hours reading every quick fix out there and trying them all and still nothing moves. Not wanting to be icky to do slimy methods.

Wish you could gain followers that would convert into customers? Then when you get them all they do is just stalk you.. ugh just freaking come on already.

Want to know how others get hundreds and even thousands of likes on their photos? Do they have a magic spell, a secret hashtag or some trick to make that appear? So you google it., nothing.


Let me introduce you to my secret sauce: The Instagram Blueprint.

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The Instagram Blueprint is my step-by-step, go at your pace six week course that teaches you how to master Instagram, win those clients and automate it so growth is on autopilot. 

Discover ALL my secrets that I have taught over 200+ clients and students that will shift your feed FAST.

What's in it you ask? Let's break it down.

Identify your Ideal Client

When we sell to everyone, we sell to no one. So let's figure out who your someones are. Narrow in and sell MORE

Build an aesthetic in your profile

When you create a visual picture for your brand you basically sell your products on auto without talking about your products.

Gain followers that are relevant to your brand

Numbers aren't just numbers unless they count for something. Lets get followers that matter.

Use hashtags to attract your ideal followers

Learn how to target the people that you really want. They are out there, we just gotta find them.

Tag companies to get you noticed

 Who doesn't want to be reposted? Better yet, let's get you reposted by a big brand.

How to take photographs & edit to match your aesthetic

I am going to share with you my photography knowledge on how to take killer photos and make them match your feed.

How to write amazing captions & call to actions

In the social media world words and images are all we have. I am going to teach you how to make them count!

How to use analytics towards your advantage

Knowing your audience is half the battle, but once we know them we can use them towards our advantage.

How to run a effective loop giveaway

One of the best and easiest ways to gain followers fast is by running a giveaway. Let me teach you the smoothest way to do it.


I got a whole lot more for you babe, downloads, secrets, tips and all my deep dark secrets. 


I mean let's be honest this is what it is all about in the end right? 

  • Weekly lessons on topics

  • Videos that walk you through each lesson

  • A printable workbook for each week's lesson

  • Access to group chat

  • Lifetime access to this course