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Isn't it hard to know what to order?

You have your LuLaStash, but then you realize.... you have too many items, or not enough.

So you had a killer sale, you shipped all your goodies out and redid your inventory count. But now you are staring at the LuLaRoe Build page not knowing what to order, and terrified you will order too much or too little.


I have created a inventory spreadsheet that calculates all that goodness for you. All you do is put in what you want to carry, how much you have, and what is on order. With that we will do some fancy calculating and tell you what you need to order this time.

Did I mention that you pay one time and every time LuLaRoe puts out another item, I will update the sheet for you! SWEET!

So what are you waiting for? Click on the button below and I will send you more info!

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