the socialmint challenge

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Day One: analyze your account

Wake up Instagrammers..

I am trying to channel my inner Tony Perkins today. Heavyweights anyone? I am so so so so so excited to start day one with you! So are you babes ready to get to work? Good!

Today we are going to do a little introspection if you will. Take a look under the hood. Cause let's be honest we are only as good as what we have been doing up until now. So grab a paper, your phone and lets get to it. 

I want you to analyze the last 3 images you have posted:
    - What is it an image of?
    - What was the point of the caption?
    - How many likes did you get?
    - How many comments?

Are you noticing a trend? Now if you are a go getter (I know you are.. silly question I know) you can look at the last 6, 9 or even 12. You might be able to spot what your audience is loving from you. This will help you in the later days of the challenge. 


So roll up the sleeves, push up your glasses and put the pencil to paper babes.

Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 10.37.21 PM.png

day two: introduce yourself

Your awesomeness is showing..

So the above photo is the first photo I ever posted on my instagram of myself. Yep. I was terrified, and horrified to post a photo of myself. I mean come on, why would anyone want to see what I (gasp) look like. But here is the thing. People are by nature nosey nellies. Sorry ya'll. But is it true. I mean we all stop and gawk at a car crash, listen to conversations not meant for us, and want to know all the dirt on everything (ever watch the Bachelor??) 

So today we are going to introduce you to your following. I know it can be scary, but I promise you.. you can do this! I am right here with ya! So here is what I wrote: 

' Hi. I'm Teagan. I am a devoted sweat pant supporter. I don't always dress in normal clothes, but when I do it is for a special occasion (like having to see someone, or leave my house). Most days you will find me with a Dr. Pepper in my hand, a dance party happening and a whole lot of dreaming going down.

I am married to a pilot who is my #1 fan. Thankfully he is okay going to bed alone, hearing my antics and watching me chase my dreams. We are parents to one babe, and a fur baby. They drive me insane 99.9% of the time, but I wouldn't change it for the world. 

My bucket list is never ending, but there are a few things I want everyone out there to know. Sweatpants are legit pants so wear those puppies, dance parties are the cure to any and all bad feelings or moods, you don't have to be perfect - just be you, you are AMAZEBALLS, and that candy is totally it's own food group. Sweet?'

Alright, now it is your turn. Are you ready? Well too bad if you aren't cause here we go. You are going to post a photo of you today. Double props if you are looking at the camera. And I want you to write something about you! If you are at a loss of what to say, it is okay I got you. Here is a formula for you.

Hi, I'm ____________.
Most days you will find me:
I love giving to others by:
I am known by my friends as: 
I am super passionate about:

Get to postin you instababe, I can't wait to see you!

Hashtags @talex
Hashtags @talex

day three: hashtags


So when I first started into instagram and facebook I just made up hashtags. You know the ones where you put like 15 words together in one realllllyyyyy long sentence? Something like #thischallengeissuperradisn'tit.

Yeah.. turns out I was doing it all wrong. So hashtags are like mini little search bots. You have to use those babies to help people find you and your posts, otherwise they are just going to hide and reside in the interwebs.

So today I want you to use a hashtag. Yup, I want you to go out of your way to find a legit hashtag. One that can help you grow your following. I also want you to use the challenge tag #thesocialmint.

Bonus points if you go and find 5 photos in the #thesocialmint and like and comment on them. Everyone needs a little extra love too! 

Spread that love babe, it comes back 10x over.

Karma @talex
Comments @talex

day four: spread love

Spread the love today.

So have you ever heard the phrase, spread happiness out like confetti? Yup, well today we are going to do just that. We are going to share the love with people.

Today I want you to go to the last post and go to all those that liked and commented on your post and return the favor. Go back to their account and like and comment on some of their images. It feels good to get likes and comments, so spread it back. It might surprise you what might happen to those you spread love to. 

Spread that love babe.

Question @talex
Question @talex

day five: ask a question

Likes, Comments and Follows - oh my!

So here is the thing. Maybe you have heard about engagement. I know it is a crazy term and one we often love to hate. But Instagram's algorithm revolves around it. Yup, turns on it. So the more engagement you get the better your chances of getting catapulted to the top nine posts, the explore page and feature spots. So it is crucial peeps. We all need it. So today we are going to talk about how to boost some engagement.

One of the best and easiest ways to get engagement is to ask a question. People love being heard, love to answer things, and love to know more about the people they follow. So today in your post I want you to ask your audience a question. Don't know what to ask.. no worries, here are 5 kick starters to help kick ya off.

What is your all time favorite book?
If you could teleport to one place today, where would it be?
What is the BEST job you have ever had?
Everyone has a favorite food, what is yours?
If you were a happy hour drink, what would you be?

Ask away doll, and wait to the answers to come in.

Tagging @talex
Tagging @talex

Day six: tag away

It's all about the tags baby.

So when you snap a photo, do you ever pay attention to the brands you are including? A lot of brands use customer photos on instagram, as features. That is right they use photos of yours to highlight their product and how it is used!

How do they find your photos? Tags. So today we are gonna work on tagging. When you are ready to upload that photo, take pause and tag those companies whose products are in the photo. Are you using a certain brands pen? Or a cool set of headphones? What about a book by a particular author? Or a picture frame by a company? See the photo above? I used 23 tags! That is right TWENTY THREE. Because I used that many different products in there. Now they probably won't use this image cause it shows too many others, but if someone searches for one of those brands, that photo will pop up. More exposure.. BONUS!

So today I want you to tag your brands. Ready? Let's do it!

Drop those tags like they are hot babe.

Story @talex
Story @talex

Day seven: storytelling

Errbody loves a story

I don't know about you but one of my all time favorite things growing up was always story time. What ever form it came in, whether it was bedtime or my parents just decided to tell us a snippet of their past. It is always so fun to hear about someone else's life and struggles. Gives you a way to connect and understand them just that much more.

So today I want you to get REAL. I want you to find something that you feel comfortable sharing with the world, and no you don't have to share your dirty laundry. I want you to share it in a way that you aren't complaining about it, but giving your audience and invitation to connect with you. For example, I talk about my fertility issues. I struggled for years to get pregnant with my sweet bubs, and so I talk about my story a little bit every few weeks. Here is one of my captions:

"So it was two years ago today this month that we finally were able to tell people we were pregnant. Finally. We dealt with infertility for years (5 to be exact) and boy was it hard. It was months and months of tears, anger, doctors appointments and money. We ended up finding ways to laugh through the journey because well it seemed like we were going to be in it for a while. We fought for a while for that little bundle to stick, and it was worth every inch of the wait. #infertility isn't something for the faint of heart, it isn't something I would wish on anyone, it takes every strand of your being to survive. But now that he is here, I wouldn't have traded a single tear for it. I want to share my story with you, so that in a chance that maybe someone here is going through this you can know you aren't alone. That someone knows that path you are on, and that the feelings you are having are A-ok. So buckle up on this journey with me."

So got something in mind? Get to writing it down, I can't wait to come and read a little bit more about you!

Let's make some connections today.

want more? you got it.