winning at social media

find your audience
ideal client
first things first. we need to figure out exactly who you are marketing to. you see, when you market to everyone you actually market to... no one. work on finding exactly who you are talking to online, cause once you know... well they are gonna be running at you in droves.
find your audience
pick your platform
where are they
once you know who you are marketing to, you are gonna know where they hang out. not every audience is on every platform. some really love instagram but detest facebook. others are diehard tik tok fans but can't stand snapchat. once you know, nab those handles.
pick your platform
speak the speak
killer content
alright we know who they are, where they live... now what to write. you gotta be personal and speak directly to them. it is one of the best ways to win at social media. so speak the speak. talk the talk. have those conversations with your person.
speak the speak
likes, comments & follows
there is nothing better than a little bit of validation am I right? people love to know that they have been heard, recognized or seen. so do just that. reach out, like, comment and respond. be the person that they are connecting with. people will return the favor.

What I do

let's review...


You & Me, going through the platforms. You learn the ropes, I answer the questions.


I build you a road map for your brand. No more wondering.


I take over, and you relax. I do the posting, the creating, and engaging.


Join a group to hold you accountable, brainstorm and take you to the next level.

I can help you with

Most frequent questions and answers
  • one on one sessions where we cover how to use the platform
  • you ask the questions, i give the answers
  • call notes on what we talked about + tips on how to use the platform

How many sessions do I need to learn a platform?

  • The fee includes 2, but we can always add additional as needed.

How long are the sessions?

  • They are roughly 1 hour long

How do we do the sessions?

  • I do them via google hangouts

Can I do this with a friend?

  • No. Unless your friend is also paying for a coaching session and you want to do your sessions together.

you tell me your goals with the platform, i give you the step by step map on how to do it. i will give you real life examples to mimic as well as accounts to follow/target.

Does this work for any platform?

  • YES! I can help you with any platform you are looking to build.

What if my business changes, will you rebuild my strategy?

  • Yes, but for a whole new strategy session fee

What if I don’t know my target audience?

  • I can coach you through what that audience looks like so we can narrow that information down for you

Do your strategies work?

  • With the clients I have worked with and built strategies for, all that have implemented the strategies have had success with building their brand online.

Can you guarantee success?

  • Yes, and no. I can promise if you follow the strategy and do the work you will have success. However, if you get it and don’t put anything to use… well then no you won’t.

i come in build, create and manage your platforms as you from behind the scenes.

How does this work?

  • You give me access to your accounts with passwords and I post content, interact and engage with your followers like as if I were you. 

Are my passwords secure?

  • YES! I use a locking password manager that only I hold the password to.

How do you create content?

  • I start off by creating a plan and strategy for you and your business. Once that is in place I start by making 5-7 mock posts for you to review to start to gain the right ‘voice’. Through back and forth communication we land on the voice needed for your account and then build from there. Content that I create falls in line with the strategy we agree on.

How long should I commit to this?

  • I recommend all my clients give a minimum of 3 months working with me so we can start to see real changes in their accounts. With Pinterest work, I recommend 6 months. 

Do you charge hourly or flat rate?

  • I charge a flat rate fee, based on what amount of content I am creating and posting. I find this is most cost effective for you. I want to make sure you get the most BANG for your buck!

What platforms do you work with?

  • I work with all platforms! But I love working with Pinterest and Instagram the most. I have experience with all the platforms as well as ads.

think of these as group accountability sessions. we have google hangouts once a month where we check in on each other, see the progress and hold each other to the goals. 

Are these platform specific?

  • YES. I don’t want you working with IG folks if you are on Pinterest. It helps if like minds help like minds.

What if the date doesn’t work for me?

  • Then you don’t pay that month! 

How many people are in a group?

  • I try to limit them to no more than 5 individuals. I find that the smaller the group the more we can talk about. 

What if I need support during the month?

  • Glad you asked! I have the option to add on access to our slack group where you can ask questions and gain answers ASAP. 

What if I want to be in more than one platform group?

  • SAWEET! Let’s do it! I do have rates for those of you that bundle.