Sometimes we need a cheatsheet on our own social media. Like a plan that tells us exactly how to get things done. You know, examples of what to post, hashtags to use, what to post, and how to grow our accounts. Meet your cheatsheet. This is a strategy session that helps you get everything you wanted out of your social accounts.


I get you. I have been there. You want to be a DIYer, and figure out how to do it on your own. I have been there. So let me walk you through how to use that platform, gain your traffic and do what you want with your accounts. I got your back.


Sometimes you just need a group of friends to bounce ideas off of. A group of people who can help you figure out what your next step should be, how to deal with a situation, or how that graphic looks. I have an exclusive group, that meets once a month to sit down and get those things all figured out. Are you in?


Sometimes we just need an extra hand, or someone to step in and help us with those tasks that we never can get to. I get it. That is why we created VA services to help you get those things wrapped up and done. We can do things like write blogposts, schedule appointments, create graphics, keep your calendar, build your next site and so much more. The possibilities are endless.


We only can list a handful of skills and talents that we have in our wings. But we have so so many talents and abilities. So if there is something you are needing help with, but you don’t see, let us know! We might surprise you and already do it. Hit that button and send us an email about what you are in the hunt for.