Client shall pay She Knows Social, the agreed upon rate, the first being due at the time of the agreement.

Payment shall be submitted monthly via Stripe Auto Payments. She Knows Social must recieve the first payment in full to begin the business relationship.

Refunds are not available on private coaching, programs, courses or services provided.

Should you decide to quite the process, or default on payment, all remaining amounts are still owed to the company. Results are based upon the actions and behaviors implemented by the client with She Knows Social’s assistance, and are not guaranteed.

Upon completion of your agreement, you have the option of upgrading or renewing to a new package according to She Knows Social’s rates or fees at that time.

You will pay invoices provided by the She Knows Social within 5 days of receiving the invoices.  Payments made later than 5 days will accrue a $25 late fee per day. 

She Knows Social is solely responsible for federal, state and local taxes on payments. She Knows Social is treated as a contractor and doesn’t need W-2’s.

She Knows Social reserves the right to change fees and packages at any time, but will always honor the rate agreed upon for the period agreed to.

If you choose to work with She Knows Social after the three-month period, there is no guarantee the rate will be the same.

No refunds will be issued. All retainers must be paid in full, regardless of cancellation.

She Knows Social welcomes any and all communication in the form that you choose – voxer, email, messenger, text etc. 

She Knows Social agrees to do the best we can to respond within a 24 hour period during the week, and within 48 hours over the weekends. 

She Knows Social loves your input and communication! Our relationship is a collaborative one, and needs both parties to work well. Ask questions, challenge points of view, bring ideas, tell us when we are wrong and bring insights – they are all welcome! If you have specific requests or needs, please share that as well. We can not mind read, and will need direct communication.

We are entering a contracting relationship. In such you understand that there is no guarantee that your business leads will pan out, your social media will grow by ‘x’ a day, or that your income will increase. 

She Knows Social will do it’s best to interact, provide those services and work hard to gain leads for you but can not guarantee them nor be responsible for it. 

You recognize that entering this relationship we also enter into a confidentiality agreement, and you will not share any strategies, techniques or knowledge taught to you for sale with others. If you gain access to any courses or materials, they are for your use only.

If you still have questions or need clarification, please email Teagan at teagan@sheknowssocial.com