Instagram Blueprint

26 students


Ok, but really. Instagram can be a real pain in the booty sometimes. Right? All those algorithm changes, the likes, the comments, the dms, and you keep producing and what… nothing. Does this sound like you?

📱You write killer content, but no one sees it.

📱You post and pray for likes

📱You stare at all those accounts that are getting hundreds and thousands of likes and wonder why yours can’t

📱You look at the cursor and wonder what to write

📱Have an image, post it but then delete it cause your feed doesn’t look like ‘hers’

📱Want to grow your account but you just don’t know how

📱Don’t get me started on IG stories… what am I supposed to do there?

📱Don’t know how to find your people online

📱Hashtags are just for fun right?


Yeah. I have been there. I remember those days. I would write content, post it and hope. I would hope the likes would come. Then I thought… what if I bought likes, or followers? Then I would stop. I mean there had to be a better way right? Surely not all those big people bought followers and likes. They had to have some of those legit accounts. I just had to know how.


I decided that I wanted something different. I wanted an account that got me paid gigs, that brought me clients, that got me sponsored swag. I wanted to have big numbers and I wanted to do it without paying for followers and likes. 

So I tested. And tested. And did it some more. 

And what came out of it? This.

The Instagram Blueprint.

What is it you ask? Well let’s dive in. It is a blueprint that walks you through the exact steps I took to grow my account from 300 followers to over 10K in just 6 months. It is the formula on how to build a community. It is how I book 95% of my Instagram clients. Serious.

What do we cover?

How to optimize your profile

What content to post

How to take bomb photos

How to edit those photos

How to gain followers

How to gain likes

How to find your ideal clients

How to build a community

What hashtags to use

How to find hashtags in your niche

and so much more.


But that isn’t all. 


I wanted to sweeten the pot, so I am throwing in my How to train your IG photographer guide, for FREE. This guide is how I trained my toddler, husband and siblings to take my photos when we were out and about. Cause I couldn’t be behind the camera and in front at the same time. #instagrammerproblems


On top of the course, and the eguide you get:


Lifetime access to the course

Once a month Q&A sessions

Slack community access

& any updates that come down the line.


So friend… are you ready?