Pinterest, A Social Media Strategy

So if you asked me a while ago if pinterest was part of my digital marketing plan, I would have laughed. Cause let me tell you… back then I was convinced the only reason it was used was for recipes, crafts and pretty things that you attempt to make – but then epically fail and hopefully do it in a bundle of laughs.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

But then I started to work it into my marketing plan and Oh. My. Gosh. game changer guys! So let’s talk numbers just a little. When I started I had around 600 followers. Pretty sure about 50 are my cousins, mom, friends and sisters. My views, yeah they were around 300 a month. I had a grand total of 30 active followers a month. Let’s be honest, I had a pretty bleak start. So let’s talk about what I did to implement pinterest in my social media marketing strategy.

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Optimize Profile

While pinning all those cute baby clothes and pictures of puppies is fun and they are so cute to look at, they are confusing people who come to see your page. Are you running a business or are you into puppy overload? What do you specialize in? Do you see the issue here? So take the time to do a little house cleaning and make it what you need to let people know what you do.

Hide the boards that you love but don’t really match your brand. Then they are still there and you can still pin to them but they don’t confuse your followers and visitors. Make sure you spend a little time on your profile blurb too, cause you want them to be able to read it and know what they expect.

Pin Often

I used to just jump on pinterest when I felt like it, or when I needed a recipe. So I wasn’t super consistent. If there is one thing I have learned over the time of digital marketing, you have to be consistent. People expect to see and hear from you. So I set up a strategy to make sure I was pinning on a consistent basis, that I was showing up for my followers and those who might potentially follow me.

Group Boards

Collaborations are always a good idea right? So why wouldn’t you use them in your social media marketing strategies? It was like a ‘duh’ moment for me too. So I started to find some group boards and extend a welcome and see if I can participate. Cause the more eyes on my pins, the more I can drive people to my page right? So group it up!

But be kind! While group boards are great for getting your material shared, make sure you help share the content that is on there as well. Pinterest is a give and take place, and a place of community.

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In your profile you are allowed a link. I mean I feel like this is an obvious one to make sure it is filled right? But what if you set it up to send your followers / visitors to a page that you know they would like? Like one with a freebie or an optin that they get something that is valuable? And the beauty of it? You can update it as often as you would like. So you create some new bomb optin? Awesome! Then take a few and update your link.

Profile Picture

This one is a biggie. When you put a picture in your profile there are few things you need to make sure of. If your profile is you representing your brand, then make sure you put a picture of yourself. Make sure it is clear, close and uncluttered. You want to make sure that they can tell it is a person and know most of the detail in it. If your profile is representing your brand and you have a logo, make sure you can either read it or use your avatar (shortened logo). This way it again is clear and close. We don’t want them to be confused when they look at it.

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Be Patient

This one was a hard one for me, I will be honest. I am not a patient person if you know me at all. I like things done, and I want results now. I don’t like waiting for things to come around. I am sure you can feel my pain as a solopreneur. You put in hard work, so of course you want results. This is one of those things though where you have to put in work, a lot of hard work and then keep doing it and wait for the results. It took me four months to see the results start to pour in. So don’t give up hope, and keep on trudging.

So now for the fun results. So after putting all these pieces into place I was able to see some amazing changes happen. My followers went from 600 and increased to close to 900. My monthly views started around 300 a month and skyrocketed to 300,000 a month. And lastly my active followers went from 30 to 13,900.


So I know what you are thinking… UH that is cool and all but how do I get those results? 


Well good news for you. I created a FREE Ecourse, just for you babe, that walks you through how I made all this goodness work. All you gotta do, is sign up.




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