5 Tips of a Work at home Mom

Alright, so it is no secret that I love the fact that I am able to work from home, and I love the fact that I am a mom. I get to be with my baby, I get to work in the comfort of my home, eat my own food (24/7 snack time anyone??) and often in my own sweatpants. When I started out working at home I thought it would be all rainbows and daisies. I could sleep in work when I felt and I would be uber productive. Now most of that is true, but as I started to work I realized that there is a trick to it. You have to really treat it like it is a job, a job you can enjoy none the less, but a job. So here are my 5 tricks to being a work at home mom.

1. Get up & Show up

When I first started I was all about the sweats, and not showering until 4-5pm when I knew my husband would be home from his job. I soon discovered that this totally slowed my productivity WAYYYY down. But the days I got up (no sleeping in until 10am) and showered, got ready for the day — even if it was just to put on a pair of sweats and put on a nicer shirt and comb my hair — I was getting ready and mentally ready for the day. It was telling my mind to focus on work and really get on it. I mean I could still be comfortable, but at least if I did have to run out or someone showed up at the door I didn’t look like the hot mess mom we all know I am.

2. Set a To-Do List

A to do list really helps me narrow in on what I need to focus on. For me, it helps me get my ducks in a row. Let’s be honest, they are just more like in a patch. I don’t think those things are ever going to align for me. I mean really a good chunk of the time I could just start working on something and ramble on in a totally random direction. Before I would know it the day would be over and I hadn’t really completed nothing, or at least it feels like I haven’t. But good news I would have discovered about a million random facts about nothing, and come up with a thousand crazy ideas none of which related to what I meant to do that day. I found when I started to write down a set of things I wanted to get done for the day that my days felt SOOO much more productive. Even if it is just two things, write them down and check them off. You will feel like a million when the day is over. I’ll give you a hint. Add making the bed to the chart, and do it every morning. Presto you are one check down for the day lady. I call that winning and time for a chocolate fix.

3. Have a Set Workspace

I don’t know about you but with my adorable little dictator, Mr. Woo as I call him, having my work things all over the house usually spells disaster. He pulls stuff off the tables, throws stuff places and hides items often — including the trash can. So for me I had to have a designated office space. A place where all my stuff went that I could close the door and the little couldn’t pull into a million pieces. Now that isn’t to say that I don’t work out on the couch with him from time to time. Cause I do that for sure during cartoon time. I mean a mom can only have so much productivity during nap time.

4. Find your ‘Magic’ Time and USE it!

We all have it, that golden time of day where you are just on a roll, and nothing and I mean nothing can stop you. For me these hours usually come at the dead of night when the house is silent – well close to it. Something about not having my leg used as a climbing tree, and the sound of my husband snores apparently strikes the motivation and inspiration bugs to hit. Why, well I just couldn’t tell you. So I often find myself in bed with my laptop or ipad at 2am working away under the covers while being soothed to the sweet sounds of puppy and husband snores. But that is the BEST time for me. I knock out a bunch of crazy stuff, and I work like a mad woman. Now I may or may not have Paw Patrol as a babysitter the next morning while I take a 25 minute siesta to re-coop from going to be at 3am.. but hey there is zero judging in the mommy zone.

5. Carry a Notebook EVERYWHERE

So this crazy habit started in college. I am an avid note taker, like the hard core nerd that sat on the front row of class so I could focus on the information and not be distracted. I kind of have a love affair with school. No I didn’t wear bottle cap glasses, and no I didn’t wear my pants in a bunch. I just really love learning. I had a photography teacher that recommended we carry a sketchpad with us everywhere so if an inspiring photo or session came to mind we could jot it or sketch it down. So I tried it for a whole semester and turns out I love it. It is like a brain dump. So I currently carry a teal moleskine journal with me everywhere. My husband calls it my bible, ha. You never do know when inspiration might just strike you and you need to jot it down. A lot of my product ideas, books, photoshoots and clients come from that little book of wonders.

So there you have it. My top 5 tricks to being a #WAHM. I mean let’s be honest there are like a million and a half more, like make sure you have snacks near you at all times. Just plan on being a step stool / climbing mat while you work. Learn to tune out baby screams that are just talking vs actual attention / hurt cries.. and they continue. I will share more, I promise. But let’s start here and see where it takes us. On an adventure, that involves chocolate and sweatpants I hope.

XO and Sugar Dust

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