How to create dots in Instagram

I don’t know about you but when it comes to learning fun tricks, I get all sorts of excited. How about you? So when I discovered how to put my dotted markers so I can bury my hashtags in the comments I got all sorts of giddy! I wanted to share with you my friends, cause well why not?

So let’s get to it shall we? I want to share two ways I do it. So to create these dots you have to do it in the caption portion before you post. The dots appear in the comments, however the enter button disappears.

So in the caption after you get writing your masterpiece — cause that is what they all are! — you are going to hit the return button. You can find that by tapping your ‘123’ button.

It will appear on the bottom right hand side.

Once you get the enter button we are in business! So click enter a few times so we can make sure it isn’t apart of the caption. Next up you are going to want to click the ‘#+=’.

The black dot will now appear on the second line on the far right. See it? YAY!

So then to create a series of dots, do the dot, enter, dot, enter until you have enough. I usually do about 5-6.

Next up you are going to want to cut that out of your caption. So select and then cut it. Then publish your post. When you come into your comments you can now paste and then drop in your hashtags.

Once I have done this once and found my magic number of dots, I copy and paste it into a note so I can come back to it as often as I need.

Let me know…. did you find that trick helpful? What trick do you want to learn?

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